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At Al Qudra, we believe that every project merits to be achieved within the standards of quality, safety, aesthetics and innovativeness. That is why we are always looking to enlarge our scope of services to deliver exceptional results while respecting time and budget constraints.

From conception to completion, we will be present every step of the way to make sure our clients dreams are made concrete.











Quality, flexibility and reliability are what you expect from us when it comes to site design and land planning. Al Qudra will provide you with creative and technical solutions to guarantee minimum risk and maximum results.


Our team of structural engineers will leave no stone unturned to provide you with the highest quality services, cost-effective and efficient designs. Our services comprise providing detailed designs and specs for all types of buildings and structures.

From conception to completion, we will be present every step of the way to make sure our clients dreams are made concrete.

“One of the most promising general contracting and development companies in Saudi Arabia”



Here in Al-Qudra we believe that undertaking a workplace optimization process, office fit-out, refurbishment or relocation should not be a daunting or difficult experience. Rather it is the ideal catalyst for positive change and increasing the performace of your business. Research shows that an intelligently designed and optimized workplace can increase productivity by over 20 percent.

The primary difference between us and our competitors is that we specialize in helping our clients dramatically reduce their real estate and fit-out costs, whilst also enhancing the workplace environment to improve brand identity and increase staff productivity, morale and profit.

We have a huge amount of knowledge and resources and can best assist you by being involved as early in the process as possible.

Firstly, we passionately believe that intelligently designed and fitted out offices significantly improve every aspect of a business. They enhance brand identity, resulting in a better staff attraction, staff retention, productivity, and morale, ultimately leading to a more profitable business

Having undertaken several projects we have developed the experience and tools to provide invaluable assistance. Our goal is to become a trusted advisor and to work collaboratively with you to identify and then realize your specific goals and aspirations. If you are considering an office design and fit-out we would welcome the opportunity to learn about your potential requirements, with a view to submitting feasibility study or full proposal. We are happy to undertake the process speculatively.

We are extremely cost competitive and can relax safe in the knowledge that we have “right first time, on time approach”. We will undertake your project for a fixed price and with a guaranteed program. All AL QUDRA office fit-out are expertly managed by qualified and dedicated construction managers who ensure critical deadlines are always met, quality standards are adhered to and the end result delivered to our Client’s expectations. Partnering with the right company to undertake an office fit-out is a major decision and it is vitally important to choose carefully. Our reason for providing turnkey office design and fit-out was that many clients were fed up with the time consuming and confusing process of appointing and managing an interior designer and all the sub-contractors required undertaking an office fit-out. Clients wanted a safe pair of hands a single point of contact, faster completion times and guarantees their project would be completed on budget and on time.

We at AL QUDRA beside the complete office fit-out we can accomodate any of you following single requirements.



Al Qudra is your trusted mep (mechanical, electrical & plumbing) service supplier, offering you services cutting-edge solutions that cater to the needs of different residential, commercial, and hospitality projects.


Our plumbing and sanitary designs are installed according to the finest standards of safety and quality.

Our innovative solutions make sure that the project’s architect or proprietor will reach the optimal design, without any compromise.

Our services include pumping and piping distribution systems, rain water harvesting systems, domestic water treatment, solar water heaters and a sewage treatment plant among others.


Al Qudra group specializes in water, sewage, industrial wastewater, and recycle treatment systems.

Al Qudra can offer the complete range of systems for a complete range of industrial applications.

We specialize in design-build projects and take them from concept to design to install to commission and operation.

Alqudra maintains a core staff of dedicated environmental engineering professionals and continues to invest in research and development of new processes and adaptations and improvement of proven processes. Technology transfer has typically been part of alqudra investment in new locations.

Alqudra systems are modular, compact, often relocatable, economical, and easy to operate and designed for easy expansion or for retrofitting and upgrading of water and effluent treatment plants.

Alqudra is an innovator of various technologies to provide a complete range of water and wastewater treatment technologies.


Our up-to-the-minute electric designs comply with international rules and standards and enclose lightning protection and earthing systems to ensure maximum safety and convenience.

Our services include providing customized ups systems, stand by d.G. Sets, aesthetic illumination, d.c.

Distribution systems and batteries among others.

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